The Fertility Types are at the heart of the Making Babies Program. These types distill the complexities of Chinese Medicine to the most salient factors for fertility. By taking this simple quiz you can determine whether you are "Dry," "Pale," "Stuck," "Waterlogged," or "Tired." Knowing your type lets you focus on just the issues and advice most relevant to you and your situation throughout the book. By identifying and understanding the subtle signs your body is providing you'll be able to save yourself time, energy, money, and heartache by homing in on what you most need to be concerned about and addressing it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Please complete this simple but comprehensive questionnaire to find out your fertility type. It may seem long but we encourage you to invest the time to identify the subtle signs that help you understand your fertility.

If you are a woman who fills out your BBT, fill out "Women w/ BBT". If not, skip it an move to the next section.

  1. I have been diagnosed with a metabolic disorder.
  2. My metabolism is sluggish and I gain weight easily.
  3. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
  4. I feel cold a lot of the time.
  5. I am often tired or lethargic, and I don't have much endurance or motivation.
  6. I am overweight or have trouble controlling my weight.
  7. I feel bloated.
  8. I retain water or I have a tendency toward edema or swelling.
  9. I am thin.
  10. My libido is low.
  11. I have poor circulation.
  12. I don't have much muscle tone; I feel weak.
  13. I get dizzy easily, especially if a stand up quickly.
  14. Sometimes I get palpitations.
  15. I often feel shaky.
  16. I prefer hot weather / I hate the cold!
  17. I have cold limbs, or cold hands and feet.
  18. Given the choice I would prefer a hot drink.
  19. Given the choice I would prefer a cold drink.
  20. I often feel hot.
  21. I sometimes feel feverish in the afternoon.
  22. I prefer colder weather.
  23. I am often thirsty.
  24. My mouth and throat often feel dry.
  25. My hands and feet tend to be hot or sweaty.
  26. My chest sweats especially at night.
  27. I flush easily or have a red face.
  28. I am prone to low back or knee pain.
  29. My ribs or flanks are painful or distended.
  30. I feel better or have more energy with exercise.
  31. I have tense muscles.
  32. I can easily injure my muscles and ligaments.
  33. My hands or feet swell.
  34. I get achy joints.
  35. My arms and legs feel heavy.
  36. I often crave carbohydrates.
  37. My energy is low after I eat, and I get bloated.
  38. I often experience digestive complaints such as loose stools, abdominal pain, and flatulence.
  39. My first bowel movement of the day is often loose.
  40. My appetite is generally poor or erratic.
  41. I tend to be constipated.
  42. My bowel movements are hard and dry.
  43. My bowel movements are thin and long like ribbon.
  44. My bowel movements are like small pebbles.
  45. I have a nervous stomach and feel nauseous or get diarrhea when I'm stressed.
  46. My mouth feels greasy.
  47. I am a vegan or vegetarian.
  48. I need a lot of sleep.
  49. I have experienced night sweats.
  50. I am a restless sleeper.
  51. I have vivid dreams
  52. I wake up during the night.
  53. I have trouble falling asleep.
  54. I am sometimes short of breath.
  55. I perspire easily with exertion.
  56. I catch colds easily.
  57. I have sinus problems, seasonal allergies, or a chronic cough.
  58. It takes me a long time to recover from an illness.
  59. I feel as if I can't quite clear my throat.
  60. My complexion is pale or sallow.
  61. I bruise easily.
  62. I sometimes have dark circles under my eyes.
  63. My skin, hair, and/or nails are dry.
  64. I have been experiencing hair loss.
  65. I have dry eyes.
  66. I have blurry vision or floaters.
  67. My nail beds are pale and my nails are dry and break easily.
  68. I sometimes feel dull and have trouble concentrating.
  69. My thinking often feels clouded.
  70. I often feel anxious or uneasy; I am a worrywart!
  71. I feel tense, overwhelmed or just generally "stuck."
  72. I am restless and fidgety.
  73. I am often irritable.
  74. I am stressed out.
  75. I sigh a lot.
  76. I grind my teeth at night.
  77. I urinate frequently and the urine is very pale or clear.
  78. My urine is cloudy.
  1. I have been diagnosed with low progesterone levels or luteal phase defect.
  2. I have been diagnosed with low estrogen levels.
  3. I have been diagnosed with fibroids or uterine polyps.
  4. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis.
  5. I have been diagnosed with elevated prolactin levels.
  6. I have experienced hot flashes.
  7. I have often suffered from yeast infections or have been diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disorder.
  8. I have PCOS.
  9. I experience clear copious cervical fluid throughout my cycle or at erratic points in my cycle.
  10. I experience spotting before my period starts.
  11. I suffer from loose stools during my period or pre-menstrually.
  12. My breast are sore pre-menstrually, and also sometimes at ovulation.
  13. I have mood swings and/or irritability especially right before my period.
  14. I have other PMS symptoms such as bloating, breast tenderness, acne.
  15. I get weepy and needy pre-menstrually.
  16. I have very heavy menstrual flow.
  17. I have a long period; my period lasts longer than seven days.
  18. I have a short period; my period is shorter than three days.
  19. My period stops and starts.
  20. My period is very light.
  21. My menstrual blood is dark or brown rather than bright red, and/or clotted.
  22. My menstrual blood is pink rather than bright red.
  23. I have discomfort, cramps or pain with my periods.
  24. My menstrual cramps are relieved with heat (like a heating pad).
  25. I have painful periods, with mucus-y clots.
  26. I have a dull pain after my period is over.
  27. My menstrual cycle is long.
  28. I have an irregular menstrual cycle.
  29. My menstrual cycles are short and my period is heavy and bright red.
  30. My menstrual cycles are long and my period is short and light.
  31. I sometimes miss a period or my period is late.
  32. I frequently have profuse vaginal discharge that has no odor, especially mid-cycle.
  33. My vagina often feels dry and unlubricated.
  34. I have very little cervical fluid.
Women w/ BBT
  1. My BBTs are generally low, sometimes so low they are literally off the chart.
  2. My BBT is below 97.2 in my follicular phase.
  3. My temperatures are on the high side throughout the cycle.
  4. My chart changes from month to month.
  5. I have unsteady temperatures or temperature spikes in the follicular phase.
  6. My follicular phase lasts longer than 14 days (low estrogen, or low FSH, or reduced sensitivity to FSH).
  7. My follicular phase is shorter than 12 days (early ovulation).
  8. I have no temperature change between follicular and luteal phase (no ovulation).
  9. I have spotting at ovulation.
  10. My BBT shifts slowly at ovulation, rising 0.2 or 0.3 degrees a day.
  11. I'm ovulating unpredictably, on a different day each cycle.
  12. I have a short luteal phase, less than 12 days; my period starts 11 days or less after my last day of egg white mucus.
  13. My luteal phase is long (more than 14 days).
  14. My luteal phase temperatures are low.
  15. My BBTs rise slowly through the luteal phase (slow reaction to increasing progesterone).
  16. My BBTs rise in the luteal phase but don't stay up for 12 days (premature drop in progesterone).
  17. My luteal phase temperatures are high (above 98.4 degrees F).
  18. My BBTs form a saddle shaped pattern in the luteal phase-rising, falling, then rising again.
  19. My luteal phase temperatures are erratic.
  20. My BBT drops three to five days before my period starts (possible luteal phase defect).
  21. I have a saw-toothed pattern in temperatures in the luteal phase, with my BBTs going up and down and up and down, fluctuating daily by 0.3 degrees F or more.
  22. My BBT does not drop right away when I begin a new cycle.
  23. I'm not ovulating (anovulation).
  24. My temperature doesn't change much, or at all, after ovulation (I have a monophasic, as opposed to biphasic, BBT chart).
  1. I have a low libido.
  2. I have been diagnosed with poor sperm motility.
  3. I have been diagnosed with low sperm count.
  4. I sometimes have trouble maintaining an erection.
  5. I have poor semen volume.
  6. Sometimes I ejaculate prematurely.
  7. I have a strong sex drive.
  8. I have been diagnosed with a testicular varicocele.
  9. I have been diagnosed with low sperm count or low semen volume.
  10. I have a discharge from my penis.
  11. My urination feels interrupted or incomplete.
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