Chinese herbs are numerous and varied and a significant tool here are the Zoll Center.

We use Chinese herbs to treat everything from skin disorders, the common cold, to more serious infections and entrenched issues which Western medicine often fails. For these enormous benefits, safety and quality of Chinese herbs must always be assured. However, in recent news, there have been some reports of unsafe Chinese herbs that have entered the supply chain, mostly from suppliers without proper oversight. But fortunately many of these claims are exaggerated and do not paint an accurate picture of where we are and are headed. With improved regulations, people everywhere will be able to enjoy and avail of Chinese Herbs for their many benefits. These regulations will ensure people that the herb is actually what is claims to be, and that it is picked, harvested and transported safely. This is all standard operating procedure for pharmaceuticals, and many other products. Similar measures are recognized now for Chinese Herbs, which they are in the process of implementing.

At the Zoll Center our Chinese herbs are of the finest quality. The herbs are all natural plants which have been grown and used for centuries to treat many common ailments. There positive effects are numerous, and their health risks non-existent. So know that we have and will continue to bring you quality, safe herb and keep you informed on further progress in our industry. As always, if you have any questions about Chinese herbs, don’t hesitate to ask us about them and their uses.