Nutrition plays one of the most significant roles in weight gain and loss. We’re often too focused on how much we eat as compared to when and what we eat.

The Zoll Weight Loss Program starts with a computerized body composition analysis. We want to understand what will best serve your body. So we do lab testing hormones, cortisol levels, thyroid function, heavy metal and chemical toxicity. We test for allergies too to make sure we have a clear picture of your immune system and when it is most under stress from the allergens you encounter most.

Our patients have discover the benefits of our Lipo-Trophic Vitamin B -12 and amino injections for weight loss. Combined with the center’s healthy way eating to loose weight, supplements and vitamin injections our patients are achieving many of their weight loss goals, without counting calories or going on highly rested diets.

Most people say if they loose weight they will be healthy, we say if your healthy and you will lose weight. contact us click to see if your a good candidate for our weight loss program.

To help support you with your customized program we have weekly coaching sessions to help you maintain your health and weight loss goals. You’ll always know you’ve got the support track and maintain your progress. tain your health and weight loss goals.