Often men’s health isn’t as complicated as woman’s health issues, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some profound issues that can have on their health. We use acupuncture and herbs to enhance men’s health, including male factor infertility, erectile dysfunction and prostate enlargement.

Acupuncture For Male Sexual Potency

Acupuncture and herbs can enhance male sexual performance.

In Chinese medicine a man’s sexual health is intimately connected to his kidneys Qi, energy, when a man’s kidneys Qi is strong the “affairs of the bed” are satisfied. When his kidneys are deficient he may suffer from low back pain, fatigue, and impotency. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can often restore a man’s sex drive and performance in 6-12 treatments without hormone therapy. A healthy sex life is a sign of harmony in the relationship.

Male Factor

At the Zoll Center we use acupuncture and Chinese medicine for male factor infertility such as low sperm count,

sperm motility, and sperm morphology. In our practice over 50 % of infertility problems are due to male factor, and we have outstanding success in using acupuncture for male factor.

Acupuncture for Prostate Health

Acupuncture and herbs can enhance prostate health. Acupuncture does not treat prostate cancer but it may elevate symptoms of prostate cancer. Acupuncture and herbs for benign prostate disease can offer men significant relief by supplementing the kidneys and reducing prostate inflammation