Few epidemics are easily tackled and subdued. And, some health issues seem so common that they aren’t readily categorized as an epidemic.

However most people don’t realize that Type 2 Diabetes has the potential to become a serious epidemic in the US if something is not done to alert, educate and then teach people with this disease to manage it.

The only way to manage it at this point, is through a one-to-one, custom program. Everyone needs to be evaluated. Everyone needs to know what impacts their body best. We do that here at the Zoll Center.

During your evaluation and exam you will meet with our registered dietitian who has a long history of treating diabetes with diet. Excersize (and diet) can also play a major role in controlling Type 2 diabetes and we will explore that with you as well. Studies have also shown that certain acupuncture points can lower blood sugar levels without drugs. This might be an alternative for you. Come in and lets see what we can do to stop this ongoing and preventable epidemic.