How long will it take to get pregnant?

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Women that are combining acupuncture with IVF are treated for 4-6 weeks twice weekly, four months for preconception care. One acupuncture treatment before the retrieval, acupuncture pre and post-embryo-transfer. Women who received preconception acupuncture approximately 10-12 treatments before their transfer had more pregnancies and fewer miscarriages. Pregnancies rates double when women were given acupuncture treatments [...]

Do You Recommend Herbs?

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Yes, most of our patients are taking Chinese herbs. Some patients are only taking herbs, while others combine herbs with acupuncture. Women that are preparing for IVF stop herbs with start of stimulation medications.

What Do You Do On The First Visit?

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You will fill out our medical history and if you’re trying to have a baby a fertility questionnaire. The doctor will use Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis to determine the root causes of your symptoms. We will discuss in detail your treatment plan, insurance and finances.

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