A Whole System Approach

We have been talking about HOW NOT TO DIE FROM A HEART ATTACK  because heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Our mission is to help people prevent or if needed reverse this condition in a natural way. YES!! you read correctly. It is possible to do it naturally. The drugs prescribed to treat this conditions may have side effects, such as fatigue, depression, and dizziness. They must be taken daily and usually for a lifetime. Who wants to live their lives like this? NO ONE!

American researchers have already shown that special acupuncture needles when gently inserted into specific points on the skin, can stimulate nerves that reach up into the brain and to cells in the brain that control blood pressure. When those cells quiet down or become less active, blood vessels relax, Says Dr. John Longhurst professor of medicine at the University of California, Irvine, ABC News.

A study conducted at The Mass General Hospital has shown that patients who received acupuncture treatments twice weekly for 6 weeks often maintained normal blood pressure 12 months after their acupuncture treatments.

”From my clinical observation as a senior acupuncturist in practice over 40 years, I have found that the most effective course of treatment to lower blood pressure for long-term results is a Whole System Acupuncture Method. I use this method with my patients and it has always had positive results.” – Dr. Stuart Zoll –

Whole System Acupuncture Method:

It’s a whole system approach rather than just receiving acupuncture treatments a few times a week. It’s patient centered health care, and this method produces long lasting results. This approach improves health, prevents disease and resolves chronic illnesses.

The system includes:
– Acupuncture every week
– Herbal Medicine
– Diet and Lifestyle guidance
– Meditation guidance
– Exercise 3 times per week. I like to recommend Tia Qi Exercise because it’s like doing meditation and exercising all at once.

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