First things first. Start with the right bike. Visit your local bike shop; they will be able to help match your personal fitness goals with a bike that’s right.

I bought a road bike. Many of my friends are cyclists and I wanted to ride with them, which was a great incentive to improve my health. My advice: don’t be cheap; you can buy a great road bike between $1,500 and $2,500 and with a carbon frame, you can always upgrade your equipment. A carbon frame is much lighter than an aluminum frame, which means there is less effort and you will find that you can go faster because you’re not pedaling a heavier bike. If this is outside your budget, don’t let the price stop you from biking. Check with friends and see if you might find a used bike to start.
Fit is important, so get a proper bike fitting from your bike shop. With the right bike fitting, you will enjoy spending more time in the saddle, and you will be less prone to low back pain, neck and shoulder pain or knee pain. Eat to match your level of fitness. Your diet will be a factor in your cycling performance. You will need to eat good quality proteins and complex carbohydrates, fresh vegetables and fruits and you will want to drink enough water to stay well hydrated. Rest is very important too because when you sleep your body heals itself and your body recovers faster from muscle fatigue. Go to bed, and do so early. The benefit is that you can ride early in the morning when there is less traffic, allowing you to ride safely and stretch yourself.

I have found riding a great benefit and a joy. I encourage you try it, or pick a sport in which you can find your health incentive. Enter local bike events; if you are a novice or a more advanced cyclist, you can always ride with other cyclists at your level. These bike events are a lot of fun and they raise money for a good cause. Cycling is a metaphor for life and on any given day, a person with great courage may show up and far exceed his or her expectations on the bike. When your body is aching, and your legs are burning and the wind is against you, your mind is telling you to stop, turn around, go back; you learn to overcome the negative chatter in your mind; you push forward, you achieve great things, and other obstacles in your life will become small, because you are a cyclist.