We have heard the term, “grass-fed meat” and probably have seen it at the market; but do you understand what the difference might mean to you?


If you are not a vegan or vegetarian, you consume some type of meat on a weekly basis. Beef, bison, lamb, goat, and even venison are all animals that naturally eat and graze on grasses and legumes.

When these animals are grain-fed, corn or soybeans, their health deteriorates. The use of hormones and antibiotics are required. These grain-fed animals are not as healthy. Their tissues, and the meat they provide for us lack vitamins and minerals compared to animals that are grass-fed. The total amount of “bad fats” versus “good fats” and amounts of cholesterol are higher in grain-fed animals.

Ranchers and farmers that provide grass fed beef are usually known as “grass farmers.” They spend much of their time ensuring that the soil and grass is nutrient-rich, letting the animals take care of the rest. Most “grass farms” allow the animals to live a natural, healthier life than feedlot farms. So although it might cost a bit more, we encouraged to buy it when you can. There really is a difference.

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